About Us

College Party Guru is your college party 101. We have all the details you need for your next party. Whether you are looking for a unique theme party idea, rules to a legit drinking game, some sick mixed drink recipes or the newest hottest music; we have you covered. We also try to mix it up with articles about weed, pledging, hookups, hangovers, ect... because what would college partying be without those? Let your friends know to check us out before your next party and make sure to rage even harder for us!

How We Came About

One school day during Winter Quarter we were talking about throwing a house party over the weekend. We had decided early on we wanted to mix it up with a cool theme but we were having major mind block. We couldn稚 think of any good theme ideas and we couldn稚 find a good site online for ideas. Eventually, after racking our brains, one of our friends listed off a bunch of ideas and we went with an Olympics Theme Party. We figured this was fitting since the Olympics had just finished and it was still fresh on everyone's mind.

Since we picked an Olympics Party we wanted to have some cool unique drinking games because sometimes Beer Pong just isn't enough. Well here the story repeats itself, one of our roommates spend hours searching for ideas online without much luck for original games. This sparked the idea of a website to make it easier for all of us college students to party harder. We decided that the key components to any good college party is having the right theme party, drinking games, drink recipes and music playlists. Thus we founded this site to be the best, the guru, on everything college party and college life related.

In the Future...

We plan to be the number one place for college party advice. To do this first off we need to grow the content on the site. We grow through the great advice of you, our users. If we all get together we can collectively come up with the best party ideas ever! Send us all your advice on any cool theme parties, drinking games, mixed drink recipes and popular songs. We take all suggestions seriously!

Second, we are looking for more party pictures. More pictures will make the site better for everyone. Share your best parties with everyone by emailing us all your party pictures. Are you dressed in a costume for a theme party? Playing a drinking game? Shit, doing a kegstand?! Well it would be awesome if you sent them to us so we can share them with everyone else.

Lastly, we are looking for people who would like to write for us. Are you studying journalism? Or just interested in college party life? We would like to talk to you about writing for our site. We can't currently pay for articles but it is a great experience for writers looking to get their voice heard to our growing college user base. We also now allow you to easily log in though Facebook and write articles for us; even anonymously so test it out.