Jolly Rancher Vodka Recipe

By: The Drunk University

Looking for an easy way to make a fruity mix drink at your next kickback? Well let flavors from your childhood take your college drinks to the next level. Learn how you can make five different great tasting drinks out of Jolly Ranchers. Similar to making Skittles Vodka, turn your favorite candy into a flavorful drink.


  • A Liter of Vodka
  • 12 Jolly Ranchers of Each Flavor
  • A Flask or Bottle For Each Color Jolly Rancher
  • Optional: A Funnel


Step 1: Separate Jolly Rancher's into Different Flavors

Step 2: Place 12 Jolly Rancher's in each Flask

Step 3: Pour the Vodka

Simply pour vodka over the Jolly Rancher's that you have placed in each flask or bottle. Fill each bottle close to the top. To make pouring easier (and to waste less booze) we recommend you use a funnel while pouring into each flask. Now allow them to sit for approximately 10 hours so that the Jolly Rancher's can completely dissolve in the vodka.

Step 4: Chill

Place each flask in the freezer for a few hours to completely chill the liquid. After chilled the drinks are ready to enjoy! They taste just like how you would expect, a Jolly Rancher liquid taste with a hit of the vodka as it goes down. You can drink them straight as shoots or shooters, or even make mixed drinks out of them.

Step 5: Enjoy


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