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Beer Pong is the number one drinking game on college campuses nationwide. Everyone has played a round of Beer Pong at a college party. The real question is: "What type of Beer Pong Table is the best?" There are so many choices out there for what kind of table to use. People use anything from a piece of plywood to a table made of fancy metal alloys. Below is all the important details to help you make your decision.

Metal, Plastic or Wood

When choosing a beer pong table, there are a number of factors to consider; weight, ease of storage, material (wood or metal), and graphic designs are among them. Unlike older tables made mostly from wood, today’s tables can be made from metal, plastic, or metal and wood hybrids with traditional wood tops. Some plastic tops are now even being combined with aluminum. Though the material used for the tabletop surface influences how the pong balls bounce, it does so only slightly.

Aluminum Table Top

Aluminum Beer Pong Table

Contrary to popular belief, metal tops create a slightly slower and lower bounce than their wooden counterparts. They can even lessen the amount of a ball’s spin. Still, aluminum tops like the 8’ Aluminum Pong Tables from PartyPongTables have some advantages. For one, Aluminum tables are generally the cheapest option to buy.

Plastic Table Top

Plastic Beer Pong Table

Plastic beer pong tables have been known to create a slightly higher bounce and are more durable than metal tops. Unless you’re playing professionally, the majority of beer pongers will not notice a difference between playing surfaces. It really comes down to what you like best!

Wood Table Top
Wood Beer Pong Table

Serious players often insist on using wooden tables. Such fine, wood beer pong tables make great pieces of solid furniture perfect for fraternities or nicer, professional establishments. If you’re purchasing a table based on weight, you may be surprised to learn that metal top tables are much lighter than their wooden cousins.

Plastic tables, while also light, used to be easier to knock over. While not a serious issue for regular table tennis, if cups of beer are on the line the thought of tipping is not pretty. However, the new plastic beer pong tables by PartyPongTables have sturdy, metal frames to curtail accidental tipping. Another factor to consider is where you will be playing beer pong the most: indoors, or out? Unlike some wooden tops, metal and plastic tops are ideal for outside play. Should unexpected weather occur, you can quickly move the table inside and wipe it down without fear of warping.

Inflatable Beer Pong Table
 Inflatable Beer Pong Table

One real fun way to play beer pong is with an inflatable beer pong table. Beer Pong, in a pool? Oh, Yes! This is a sure thing to have if you are on spring break in Mexico or if you are one of the lucky ones with a pool in your backyard. This inflatable table is the perfect excuse to get all the ladies in the water.

Table Graphics
Playboy Graphics

Popular graphics include Playboy models, college and team logos, pop music icons, scenes from sitcoms, etc. Our friends over at PartyPongTables even allow you to upload your own images for your table. You are only limited by your imagination. This opens the door for quite a bit of fun and possibly a little mischief making!

Other options to think of are the table color, pre-drilled cup holes, and whether or not you want your beer pong table to have triangles that help show where to set the cups up. For even more fun, you can have speakers built right into your beer pong table! All you do is plug in your iPod to give your games the epic soundtrack they deserve. With so many ways to customize, why not spice up your game with a quality beer pong table from Cool tables like these are worth drinking to!


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