7 11 Doubles

By: The Rulemaster

7-11-Doubles also known as 'Pound' is a fun simple drinking game. This game is played with anywhere between three to ten players and dice are used to see who will be drinking next.

What You Need

  • 2 Dice
  • Empty Glass
  • Beer or Liquor
  • Table

Setting Up

Place the empty glass in the center of the table. Fill the glass three-quarters of the way full of beer or if you prefer substitute beer for a liquor mix drink. Then have all the players gather around the table to start the game with a beer in front of them.

Basic Rules

First, choose a person to start the game (normally host of the party) and give them both of the dice. This person becomes The Roller. The Roller then rolls both of the dice and based on what is rolled two actions that can occur.

If the Roller rolls a 7, a 11 or doubles then they get to pick anyone else playing the game and this person becomes The Drinker. The Drinker now has to finish, as quickly as he can, the glass that is in the center of the table. From the moment The Drinker touches the glass to the moment he puts it down empty, The Roller keeps rolling the dice over and over again. If The Roller gets another 7, 11 or doubles then the glass is refilled and The Drinker needs to start chugging all over again but if The Roller does not roll another 7, 11 or doubles while The Drinker is chugging then the turn is over. Once the turn is over The Roller refills the glass and the dice are handed to the player on the left. This player is now the new Roller.

If the Roller does not roll a 7, a 11 or doubles then they have to take a drink from their own beer and hand the dice to the player on the left. This player now becomes the new Roller

* One average is takes about four rolls to get either a 7, a 11 or doubles and a fast Roller can roll once a second. That means if you are The Drinker you need to finish your drink real fast!

Extra Rules

All of these extra rules described below are optional but can be fun to implement as you get used to playing the game.

If The Roller touches the dice before The Drinker touches the glass once The Drinker is selected then they switch rolls. The Roller becomes The Drinker and The Drinker becomes The Roller. This can be fun since as the game goes on it can get easier and easier to trick The Roller to grab the dice before The Drinker touches the glass.

Other players can touch the dice with their glass in order to help The Drinker if they feel sorry for them.


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