Top 10 Party Theme Ideas

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Ready to throw a kick-ass party this weekend? Well we have a list of the top ten most popular college theme parties. Everyone has to at least once go to one of these parties. Whether it is the all time classic toga theme party or a rocking black light party you are sure to have a great time. Hopefully this list will inspire you to party on!

Toga Theme Party

Ever since the movie Animal House the theme toga party has been a college party classic and is ingrained in college party culture. Animal House really set the bar for those crazy toga parties and helped put this theme in college party history. Everyone in college has at least been to a toga party once and they are always a great time.

Black Light Theme Party

A black light theme party is another college party classic. This party theme is easy to set up and dress up for. Place black lights all over a darken room and take advantage of how white items in the room will light up and glow. Your guests will also glow under the black light which this the easiest way of throwing a dance party!

CEOs and Office Hoes Theme Party

Everyone has to go to a CEOs and Office Hoes party. This theme party is both classy and sexy! All the girls dress up as sexy office secretaries and the guys dress up in nice business attire. It’s a good excuse for all the ladies to show a little skin and a great excuse for the guys to dress up real night.

High School Stereotypes Theme Party

The theme party high school stereotypes lets everyone reminisce and mock the classic stereotypes from high school. Were you a geek in high school? A jock? A cheerleader? A band kid? Well now it is time to get out that old outfit or uniform and wear it to the party. Its always funny to see how everyone decides to dress up.

Rubiks Cube Theme Party

The Rubik’s Cube Theme Party is all about leaving the party with tons of different colored clothing. This party is one big stripping event. Basically you strip someone as they strip you and then the two of you swap clothes. Everyone is drunk exchanging clothes. Trust us, it's a great time!

Anything But Clothes Theme Party

This party is all about party goers showing up in “Anything but Clothes.” Whether it's girls dressing in just a piece of duct tape across their chest or only wearing body paint, this party gives everyone a reason to dress to impress. The more risqué the costume ideas, the more fun this party will be!

Seven Deadly Sins Theme Party

This is by far one of the sexiest of the classic college theme parties. This party gives the girls a reason to dress up a little slutty (Lust/Envy) and the guys an excuse to dress lazy (Sloth). When girls dress up as Lust or Envy they they have the reason they need to show off a little. Pick a sin and have a good time!

Decades Theme Party

Whether it’s a sixties, seventies, or eighties party a decade’s theme party is a load of fun. Everyone will get a laugh about the funny outfits people used to wear back in the day. You can make it a hippie party and have everything be totally psychedelic man…. or you can it an Disco party and keep it groovy all night!

Im Glad Im Not Theme Party

The theme party “I’m Glad I’m Not” is a fun one. Each guest comes as a funny costume of someone or something they are glad they are not. Who are you glad you're not? A Nerd, Sarah Palin, A Fat Person.. You will be laughing so hard with what some people decided to dress up as, so make this your next party!

Around The World Theme Party

What would you do if I said you could experience some international drinks and culture without having to travel anywhere? Well thats exactly what you get to do with an Around the World theme party. This is a fun party to have but can be expensive given all the different types of alcohol and décor you need to buy.


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