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The drinking game Caps has players throwing bottle caps into a plastic cup across a table. This game is easy to set up and doesn't require much in order to play. It starts off fairly easy to bounce Caps in the cups but everyone loves a good college party game where players skill decreases over time as they get more messed up!

What You Need

  • 2 Cups
  • Bottle Caps
  • Long Table
  • Beer


This game has tons of different rules and variations depending on where you live, where you go to school and what the house rules are. Below we have all the basic rules listed:

  • Caps is generally played with two teams and each team having two players, similar to Beer Pong.
  • The two teams sit across the table from one another approximately 10 feet party.
  • The cup is placed between the two players that are on the same team and the same side of the table. The cup needs to be filled half full of beer.
  • If it is the first game of the night then each team flips a cup a decide which side gets to go first. First one to land the flipped cup like in (Flip Cup) gets to pick who starts. After that the winning team decideds who gets to shoot first for the following game.
  • Now take turns trying to throw bottle caps into the other teams cup. If you make it in, the other person drinks and you get a point. Unlike Beer Pong where players of the same team shoot consecutively, for Caps players shoot every other from each team. For Example: Player 1 of Team A shoots, then Player 1 of Team B shoots, then Player 2 of Team A shoots and then Player 2 of Team B shoots... ect.
  • If someone makes a shot into your teams cup on your turn, you have the chance to return it. If you successfully return the shot by making it in there cup they have to drink and you get a point. They also get a chance to return though and this will keep going until someone doesnĺt make it in.
  • When the first team reaches the pre-determined point total then that team wins. The number of points varies from house to house but generally 7 points is a good number.

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