Graffiti Party

By: The Costume King

Who hasn't woken up in the morning not quiet remembering what went on the night before? What if you met a hot girl/guy, do you remember their name? Do have a way to contact them? Well a Graffiti Party solves this problem and you will have tons of fun in the process. You never know what funny and obscene words and pictures will be written on you.

Setting Up

First off there are two types of graffiti parties. There is the traditional college graffiti party with sharpies and the backlight graffiti party with highlighters. These parties are only a slight variation of one another but you need to pick which one you want to throw before you set up. It makes a difference since you will have to get different types of markers to tag with and for a highlighter graffiti party you will need to get blacklights to light up the house.

Put a poster board near the entrance of the house with sharpies of different colors next to it so people can tag the board as they come in. Buy a bunch of sharpies/highlights for all the guests to tag each other. It is best to use washable sharpies that way it will easily come out of any furniture, flooring, walls or people that it gets written on

What to Wear?

This is one of the simplest theme parties to dress for. Just wear a white t-shirt. Don�t wear anything that you wouldn�t want ruined and avoid wearing a rippled shirt like a wife-beater. Those shirts are really hard to tag on.

A tip to always remember is don�t pass out early. Just remember that there are a ton of people all with sharpies. If you pass out you will most likely wake up covered with vulgar drawings since people find it funny to draw on passed out people.

Send Us Your Party Photos

If you've thrown a party with this theme, please email us the photos along with your consent to use your photos on our website. We will publish it here.


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