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With this party theme, conventionality has been thrown out the window. Forget your typical party setting where you�re throw into a large mix of people and have the choice of who you mingle with - with this theme you�re told who to interact with. This is one of those parties that starts off with the best ice breaker possible, so if you�ve got a group of fun-loving individuals, the Handcuff Party (sometimes also known as the Cops and Robbers party) is for you.

Setting Up

From the moment they walk into the door, your guests will be handcuffed to another individual. With that individual, they will spend the entire night together, so you want to make sure you at least try to pair people up effectively.

Some parings you may want to stick to are:

  • Boy and Girl
  • Jock and Nerd
  • Popular and Outcast
  • Goth and �Princesses�

Sticking these polar opposites together may not only help bring your student body closer together, it should make for some wild entertainment as they learn how to adapt to one another throughout the night. Of course, keep the keys on hand so you can release a couple that just isn�t getting along.

In terms of set-up, outside of creating a drink list (which really doesn�t require anything special) there isn�t much to do. Of course, for the handcuffs you provide, number them and the keys accordingly. If you go with real handcuffs that don�t have the safety release, you�ll want to make sure you have everything matched correctly for when guests go to leave or need to be released. If you do go the safe route and provide handcuffs with the safety release, you may want to make a rule that no guest goes un-handcuffed save for emergency situations (i.e. the potential beating of the person they�re handcuffed to, bathroom breaks, etc...). Anyone found without another guest attached to them will have to do a round of shots.

To make it interesting, require guests to do a round of shots to remove their ties with their current partner. While they can free themselves of their current mate, they�ll need to be handcuffed to another individual pronto. Find someone that is none to pleased with any of their classmates and you may have found your first blackout victim of the evening.

What to Wear?

Nothing special is required for this bash. You can turn it sexy by requiring lingerie and sleepwear only or by equating it to the Cops and Robbers scenario. Otherwise, guests are free to show up as they please.

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