Beer Die

By: The Rulemaster

Beer Die is a popular die drinking game where players compete in teams to land the die in an opponents cup. The game typically consists of two two-player teams with each of the four players having a designated cup on the table. Lean all the rules to this drinking game so you can play this game at your next party.

What You Need

  • A Die
  • 4 Cups
  • Beer
  • Square Table

Setting Up

Set up one cup on each of the corners of the square table. Fill the cups completely full of beer. Then ideally form two teams of two and have each player sit on a corner of the table behind their cup. You can also play one versus one or in teams of equal numbers.


The object of the game is to throw the die into the opponents cup of beer on the opposite side of the table. All throws must reach or surpass head level in height. If the die bounces on the table and goes through the cups of beer, the players on the opposite side a required to catch the die one handed. If the die hits the floor it is one point for the throwing team. If the die is dropped then the team must take a drink. If a player throws out of turn or spills beer while trying to catch the die then they also have to take a drink.

If a throwing team makes the die into the beer it counts as two points and the other team has to pound their beers. There are four drinks in a cup. If the die bounces off a cup and stays on the table there is no point scored but the team whose cup got hit must take a drink. The game is either played to five "Bizz" or seven "Buzz".


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