Four Banger

By: The Rulemaster

Tired of always winning at Beer Pong and therefore staying sober all night as the losers have to finish all the beers? Well with Four Banger the first person to finish their beer wins! For once this game allows the winners to drink their fair share. This game is simple to learn and fun to play, so try it out at your next party.

What You Need

  • 4 People
  • 4 Canned Beers
  • 1 Ping Pong Ball
  • Beer Pong Style Table

Setting Up

Position each beer can on the corners of a Beer Pong style table upside down about one hands length in from the sides of the table. Next decide which team is going to go first to start the game. The best way this can be done is picking odds or evens.


The team starts by taking the pong ball and attempting to hit one of the other teams cans. If they miss the can then it is the next persons turn on the other team. This rotation continues throughout the game. However, if the player hits a can, then the opposing team member whose can was hit has to get the ball and throw it to the other member on their team. This other team member must catch the ball without dropping it.

If the ball is dropped than it must be thrown back to your other teammate until it is successfully caught. Once the ball is caught the player must slam it on the table and yell stop! Meanwhile, the team member who hit the can should be chugging their beer until they hear stop, then they must immediately stop. Once one can is finished the remaining can is moved to the middle of your side. The winner is the team who finishes their beer first!

Consequences of Defeat

If you are part of the losing team you must finish all the beer left on the table. Or you wager some shots it's really up to you guys to be creative with the consequences!

Fun Fact

You must hold the empty beer upside down over your head to prove that it is empty!


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