How to Build a Beer Bong

By: The Party Guru

Learn how to build your very own beer bong! Why settle for a bland beer bong from some souvenir shop or from somewhere online when you can make your own kick ass one. Nothing is as special as taking chugs out of your very own beer bong. Once you have learned the basic skills in this article, in time you'll be able to create even better beer bongs for all your party needs.

Supplies You Need

  • Funnel
  • Tubing
  • Valve
  • PVC/Nylon Adapter

Item Selection

The first thing you need to do is head on down to your local hardware store to pick up all the supplies you are going to need. If you have any questions about the items you will be needing ask one of the college aged employees and they'll show you the way.

Now its time to pick up all the items. When selecting the funnel, remember bigger is better! The larger the funnel the better its going to be to poor the beer into it. Then pick out some tubing. Generally people use two to three feet worth of tubing but you can also make a giant beer pong to use off of roof tops! Whats a college party without a little craziness.

Beer Bong Assembly

Putting everything together is fairly easy; everything just fits together and its as soon as done! First, screw the PVC or Nylon adapter into the valve. Next, squeeze one side of the tubing into the adapter. Then squeeze the other side of the tubing into the funnel and you're finished. Now chug away!


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