Drinking Monopoly

By: The Rulemaster

What doesn't sound good about turning a "bored" game into something fun? We have all the details on how to turn the board game Monopoly into a drinking game. When turning the bored game Monopoly into a drinking game it is also referred to as Shmonopoly.

What You Need

  • Monopoly Game (preferably electronic version)
  • Glass
  • Beer/Liquor


Play the game as normal just follow all the additional drinking rules below:

  • Drink one time when you land someone’s property.
  • Drink three times if they own all of that color.
  • Take a shot if you land on a hotel.
  • Drink one time when you roll doubles.
  • Assign two drinks when you land on GO.
  • Drink one time if you mortgage a property.
  • Finish your drink to get out of jail.
  • Drink one time if you’re in jail and someone lands on just visiting.
  • If you land on Water Works / Electric Co. drink the amount you roll.
  • If you land on a railroad drink the number of railroads they own.
  • If you owe money to the bank pour beer in the common glass.
  • Drink the common glass if you land on free parking.
  • If the bank owes you money assign a drink to someone.

Contributors: Austin Davis


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