Seven Deadly Sins

By: The Costume King

The theme party Seven Deadly Sins is loads of fun. This party can be both a blast to decorate for and awesome to dress up as a sin. The girls have a reason to dress up slutly (Lust/Envy) and the guys have an excuse to be lazy (Sloth). This is normally easy to do and we have a bunch of ideas below. Pick a sin and deck your costume out!

What to Wear?


Dress up so that you look full of yourself. Guys can do the whole "Bro" look with the popped collar and sideways hat. Girls can dress/act standoffish like they are the shit.


Dress up so that you appear as if you desire someone else or other people's traits, status, abilities or situation. A cool idea for a couple is to wear signs sayings "I wish I were Matt(Guys Name)" and the other person sign reads "I wish I were Matt's girlfriend"


Dress up so that you look like a fatty. Dress up wearing a fat suit with dirty foodstained faces and shirts. Another idea is to dress up as Santa or a famous fat person.


Dress up so others desire you. This is by far the favorite for girls as most girls will tend to pick this sin to dress up as. An idea is to wear something revealing/sexy and flirt all night.


Dress you so that you look angry. You could be the devil, greek god, ect..


Dress up so that it looks like you want lots of money. You could dress as a Wall Street broker, a CEO, Mr. Scrooge or a thief.


Dress up so that you look lazy. You could wear no costume, wear pajamas & slippers or dress as an actual sloth. People who forgot to dress up or didn't want to, generally say Opps, forgot a Costume! I'm a sloth.

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