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By: The Costume King

There are some people that make a living out of cross-dressing, so let's take this time to celebrate the life of these brave individuals by throwing a party on campus. As the name lets off, this party will involve the largest display of identity confusion that one could ever find.

Setting Up

You won't have to do much to set up for the cross-dress party. There is no decor that could embody exactly what the party represents, so don't try to find anything. The life of the cross-dresser is not an easy one, so the best thing you can do for set-up is to help out these novices that are bound to forget some aspect of their get-up.

Line a wall with various wigs ranging from that long and blonde stripper look to a shorter styled look for those classy men in lady's clothing. Have on hand an extra pair of high heels or two so those that chicken out and wear sneakers can be talked into torturing their feet. To help out the women-turned-men, provide some shoe polish for that painted on mustache / facial hair. You'll want your guests to look as opposite as possible.

For your selection of music, if you're a brave soul you may want to try and get away with playing some tunes by America's favorite drag queen, Ru Paul. Throw in some Cher and even plan on having 'Too Wong Foo Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar' or 'The Crying Game' playing in the background to amplify the themes presence.

What to Wear?

This part of the party should take little to no brain power to come up with, but incase you're drawing a blank as to what the opposite sex wears because you don't see them clothed too often, take this as your guide.

If you're cross dressing as a man, think of sticking to wearing a man's button up shirt. Cross dressing includes trying to hide the fact that you are a woman completely, which means your girls will need to take a backseat for the evening. Go for baggy clothing and something that will cover up your legs and use some of your eyeliner or standard shoe polish to draw in some bushy eyebrows. Hair is going to be your biggest obstacle, and it's really going to come down to having to pin it tight or hide it underneath a really bad wig. As a little accent to your attire, toss a sock down by your crotch for that slight hint of realism.

Changing yourself from a man to a woman is much easier, as its not as difficult to add as it is to have to subtract. Tight blouses covering a specially made bra that comes looking like it's completely filled up already will be your greatest friends when trying to be coming the opposite sex. Where posing as a woman becomes difficult is in the fact that women's clothing is all but comfortable. You'll need to slide into a pair of tight lady's pants and slip into some lady's shoes and walk around the house in them before the party to make sure you don't make an ass out of yourself. With a shave, some make-up, and a wig, you'll be turning heads in no time.

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