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Baseball the drinking game is a game where players throw a pingball ball arcoss a table into a row of four cups and then play flip cup to score extra bases by stealing. This game is composed of aspects from both Beer Pong and Flip Cup but it gets twice as many people involved in the game then in Beer Pong.

What You Need

  • 14 Red Cups
  • A Ping Pong Ball
  • A Table, Beer Pong Table or Ping Pong Table
  • Beer

Setting Up

Place the table in an area where you have room to move around it on all four sides. Also similar to beer bong place the table in an area that will be easy to clean up. Then place four cups in a straight line perpendicular to the edge of the table, in the center of one of the short sides of the table. Repeat this setup for the opposite side of the table as depicted in the diagram below.

Now take three more cups for each team and place them along the long side of the table near the center as depicted in the diagram above. Space these cups out because you will need room to play flip cup. Then place a cup across from each cup for the opposing team.

There should be four cups on each side arranged in a straight line. These are the at bat cups. Now it is time to fill each of the cups up to beer. Fill the cup closest to the edge of the table (Homerun Cup) to the top, fill the next cup (Triple Cup) 3/4th full, fill the next cup (Double Cup) 1/2 full and finally fill the farthest cup from you (Single Cup) 1/4th full.

There should be 3 cups on either side of the long part of the table set up and spaced out. Fill each of these cups a 1/3rd full. Some people play slightly different filling each cup with different amounts of beer but that tends just to complicate the game, always having to empty and refill each cup with different amounts.

Now that the game is set up you need to pick your teams. Each Baseball drinking team is made of four people and there are two teams playing against one another. You can either get a group of your friends together to challenge the opposing team or you can have team captains to pick the players.


Durring the game each team is either at bat or protecting the bases and then they switch once on team gets out. This game plays out very similar to actual baseball. For the team that is at bat they have three outs till they have to switch with the other team and then the other team becomes at bat.

A team at bat can get an out in three ways. First, by the shooter getting 3 strikes this happens when the shooter doesn�t make a cup after three attempts. Second, you get an out if the shooters ball gets caught out which happens when a ball bounces off a cup and the opposing team catches it. Lastly you can get out by losing at stealing.

For the team not at bat one teammate will be at 1st base across from the opposing teams first base, one teammate on 2nd base, one teammate on 3rd base and one teammate acting as the catcher trying to catch the ball when it bounces off the rim of the cups while the opposing team is shooting. The winning team will be determined based on who has the most points after nine rounds. You can also play a game to six rounds for a shorter game and that is considered little league.

At Bat:

When at bat, the team at bat will be throwing a ping pong ball across the table into the straight line of cups in front of the opposing team. If a player makes a cup the opposing team must consume that cup and all of the cups below it (lower in base number). For example if you make it in the Double Cup then the opposing team must drink all the beer in the Double Cup and Single Cup. After a cup is drunk then those cups must be refilled. Each player gets 3 attempts called strikes to get a hit which is making a ball in one of the cups.

Base Running:

When a player makes a cup then they are on base. They then stand at the base based on what cup they made it into. For example if you shot it into the second cup then you got a double and would go to the 2nd base. There are two ways for a runner to advance and score a point for his team. The first way is by advancing once one of his team mates also makes it into one of the shooting cups in the same turn. If your teammate makes a cup then your teammate goes to the corresponding base depending on what cup they made it into and you move forward that many cups as well. For example if you are on 2nd base and your teammate makes it in the first cup then he moves to 1st base and you move to 3rd base. The other way you can advance is by stealing.

Base Stealing

All cups must be filled up properly to steal a base. If you try to steal a base while the other team is refilling a cup then you will be sent back to the base you started at. Well you ask, how do I steal a base? To steal a base you play flip cup against the person protecting the base across from you. Whenever all cups are full you can just start playing. The person protecting the base will then have to respond trying to beat you at flip cup. For information on how to play flip cup visit our game description of flip cup. If the runner beats the person protecting the base then the runner moves forward to the next base but if the runner looses then he loses the base and his team gets an out.


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