Six Types of Weed Smokers

By: Ganja Wise

Listed below are the six types of weed smokers you probably have met before in your ganja travels. No matter if you smoke once in a blue moon or are constantly high this article contrasts the different stereotypes. Everyone from the Casual Toker to the Pot Head. Which one are you?

College Kid

Started smoking freshmen year and probably failing his classes because he smokes too much, then doesn’t touch weed and goes through depression during exam time. Always swears to know someone with the dankest bud. When they’re high they reminisce about the best parties they’ve been to.

Toke If Offered

You might not even say they really smoke weed. They don’t know any dealers. Couldn’t take a hit and tell you headies from mids, but they’ll defiantly take a toke if offered. They regret it if they get paranoid and wonder why they don’t smoke more often if they hit a laughing fit.

Secret Toker

This can be a friend of your parents, a neighbor, your boss, or even your teacher. Someone who you would never have guessed smokes weed. Until one day you catch them slipping in the middle of a conversation or bump into them not smelling like they usually do. These people might not be so shy to reveal their love for weed since legalization has become such a hot topic and it’s obviously something they would support. But you would probably never know they were pot heads unless they told you.

True Toker aka Pot Head

Always high. Always down to get high. Always has some or knows where to get it in minutes. Never get much done. When they get high they reminisce on a time they were higher, or danker bud they’ve smoked. They usually look the part. Walks around in comfortable outfits that they don’t bother coordinating. All who know them know of their love for the sticky green nuggets.

The Hippie

Weed is not just a plant to these guys. It’s more spiritual than that. They get high and talk about how fucked up the world is while listening to psychedelic rock. They are extremely productive only when dealing with something they feel strongly about (usually something political). Have a tendency to experiment with LSD or Shrooms.

The Casual Toker

These guys never have any on them and might not always know where to get it, but is usually willing to get some and toke up with some friends. Would go from smoking once a day with their pothead friends to once a week with a secret toker friend. Might be a onetime college kid or hippie. They just might even be someone transforming into a pothead or a future secret toker. But in most cases they stay the same.


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