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The drinking game Quarters is a game where players bounce a quarter off a table trying to land the quarter in a shotglass. This game is popular nationwide as well as in Canada and Germany.

What You Need

  • Shotglasses
  • Quarters
  • Table
  • Beer

Setting Up

All the players need to gather around the table and a full glass of beer needs to be set in the middle of the table. Then a shotglass and quarter needs to be passed out to two separate people sitting across from each other on opposite sides of the table.


The two players that have a shotglass and quarter each start the game by bouncing the quarter off of the table until it lands in the shotglass. Most times players have to bounce the quarter on its face but some variations of the game also let you bounce it on its side. The player that is bouncing the quarter is referred to as the “shooter”. Once a player makes it in their shotglass they pass the quarter and shotglass to their left. They need to pass it along as quickly as possible to avoid the other shotglass and quarter catching up to them. The game continues until both shotglasses and quarter catch up to one player. This player then has to drink the beer in the center and the game starts over.

If a player makes it in the shotglass on the first try then they can pass it on to any player that doesn’t currently have a shotglass and quarter. Also if playing with a lot of people then you can add more shotglasses and quarters but they need to be spread evenly around the table at game start.


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