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Looking for a way to cure that nasty hangover? We have different hangover cures from around the world. Each country has a different way to deal with hangovers. Below is a list we've compiled to give you some ideas on how to take care of your next hangover. Take a look at what different cultures do to try and feel better.


In Australia, some people use vegemite to cure hangovers. Spread it over toast and it is supposed to help because of its high vitamin and salt content. Vegemite is viscous dark brown food paste. It is made from brewers' yeast extract which makes it pretty ironic that this is a hangover cure.


In Germany, a remedy of bananas and red meat is used. Germans use bananas since it provides valuable B vitamins. They use red meat since it settles your stomach. Who knows if this actually works but we can tell you that if you were drinking real German beer than you wouldn’t even have to worry about a hangover.


In Italy, a strong homemade espresso is used as a cure of the common hangover. Italians believe that this jolt of caffeine is just what they need to make the pain go away. They and you might want to be cautioned by recent studies that have found that large amounts of caffeine while your body is processing alcohol can hurt your liver.


In Japan, Umeboshi is used as a hangover cure. After a night too filled with the drinking a sake, Umeboshi is thought to improve digestion. Umeboshi is often consumed either alone or with a side of green tea. Other Japanese remedies range from consuming miso soup to eating fresh water clams.


In Korea, Haejangguk is used as a hangover remedy. The literal meaning of Haejangguk in Korean is the soup to chase a hangover. This soup is make of pork spines, coagulated ox blood, dried cabbage and a mix of vegetables in a hearty beef broth. There are various types depending on region.


Hispanics often swear by using tripe as a hangover cure. Tripe is the lining of the cow’s stomach and usually is spiced with chili powder, garlic, hominy and other seasoning. Sometimes when eating tripe, the stomach of the cow still contains the cows final meal. This specially is called Menudo.


In Russia people commonly go to a sauna. They do this because they believe a sauna will drive the toxins out of their body. They do this by alternating your time between a steam room and cold water. This is supposed to effectively relieve you from the hangover as a cleanser for your whole body.

The Netherlands

The Dutch drink beer as the remedy for a hangover. No joke, beer to cure beer! The Netherlands isn’t the only place that battles alcohol with alcohol, in Switzerland they fight a hangover with brandy and a dash of peppermint. It seems other cultures other than our own college party culture sometimes use this trick.


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