Catholic School

By: The Costume King

It's not everyday that you get to take part in an event that could be described as sacrilegious. With the Catholic School Party Theme, you'll be able to break more sins than you can count without even having to leave the comfort of your dorm. From heavy drinking to a night filled with sexual innuendoes, the Catholic School Party is your straight ticket to Hell - where the real party is.

Setting Up

You want to get the essence of catholic school in this party as much as possible, so the first thing you want to be sure to pick up is a tiny desk and a ruler. For real, though, the place holder for this event, while surely littered with all things sacrilegious, is going to need to seem the slightest bit holy for this theme to work.

To accomplish this, invest in a few crosses and some rosary beads. Hang them accordingly throughout the space, making sure to have a few looming over the bar. Some may find it hard to initially party with a crucified Jesus looming over them, but the son of God was all about having a good time, so it's fine to let loose under his watchful eye.

Anybody that's had parents attend Catholic school or has done so themselves, knows there is one very common theme amongst them - the extensive list of "Don't Do's". Go all out for your affair and create a list of rules that the guests must follow throughout the evening. Adverse to the actual school itself, though, the guests will be looking to break as many rules as possible. A few examples include "No Bump and Grind", 'No Shooters', and "Absolutely No Making Out in the Bathroom".

As for the beverage list for the evening, be sure to have plenty of wine on hand. A party ain't a party till you're drinking the blood of Christ.

What to Wear?

This is where the party will get the bulk of its weight. The infamous school girl outfits that have presented themselves numerous times in your favorite porno's are bound to make an appearance this evening, thus making not breaking the rules a near impossibility.

The men of the party have a few outfits to choose from. Those brave enough to mock religion can go full force and put together a a Priest costume, complete with the Holy Bible in hand. While it may seem creepy, there are gals that simply ooze over these uniformed men of God, so you may be surprised as to how sinful dressing as a man of the cloth can turn out to be. Another costume can be a sweater vest and khakis, but very few people have gotten laid by wearing a sweater vest and khakis.

The gals get to have the most fun with this theme. Short skirts, tantalizingly tight white shirts, and that tie that acts like an arrow pointing towards the holy land. The shorter the skirt the better, too, and be sure its not denim. Stick to a plaid print and finish it off with some knee-high socks or stockings and a sweater vest that's bound to show off every tempting curve.

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