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Yeehaw! It's a great expression of freedom. It gives you the sense that you're out there on the open planes, riding free. Being a cowboy is the all American fantasy. You've got the big hat, the fancy boots, and, if you're lucky, a six shooter at your side; but you also like to be able to jump into a big refreshing pool which is hard to do when you're all garbed up like a cowboy. Well, lucky for you, college students have thought of anything - such as the bathing suits and cowboy boots party theme. So throw on your cowboy (cowgirl) boots, grab your favorite bathing suit, and get ready for the party of your life.

Setting Up

What do you think of when you think of cowboys? Horses, expansive green pastures, tumbleweed? These may not be things you can simply transport to your event space, but there are still other options. Before you worry about how to go about the d'cor, though, you need to decide where your party will take place. Seeing as how bathing suits are a central theme, you may want to find a pool or, if you're near one, a beach.

Pool Setup

If your party is taking place poolside, than you have some options when it comes to setting the mood. Bales of hay scattered about are a good way of getting that southwestern theme. You should also invest in some of those replica bull skulls which will look perfect resting atop the hay.

This may sound a little out there at first, but it's quite fun in its implementation. Buy a lasso (c'mon, it's a cowboy theme!) and make sure you have some pool tubes. The combination of the two may not seem to make sense, but imagine lassoing your friends as they float aimlessly on the water. Turn it into a drinking game by taking a shot after every throw or every time you miss.

Beach Setup

There's not much you can do to setup at the beach, seeing as how it's an entirely too-public place. Maybe you can drag a bale of hay along with you, bust the life of the theme is basically going to depend on the attire here.


No matter where you party, you're going to want to have a healthy supply of alcohol. Cowboys can drink, and that's definitely something you don't want to leave out. You can easily get away with beers and ales, but you may also want to invest in some whiskey. Want to spice things up? There's a signature drink that goes by many name (one being the Cowboy C*&cksucker) that is a composition of Bailey's Irish Cream and butterscotch Schnapps. Drink up!

What to Wear?

Pretty self explanatory: Cowboy boots. Bathing suit. Done. Really, you can't over think this one too much, for it's right in the title! Want to get creative? Try to find a bathing suit that looks a little' western; but, really, boots and suits are all you will need.

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