Up Down the River

By: The Rulemaster

The drinking game "Up & Down the River" is a card game that can be played with any number of people. For every six people you need a deck of cards, so grab a few decks and call all your friends over to play.

What You Need

  • Deck of Cards
  • Table or Coffee Table
  • Beer

Setting Up

To start this game have all the players sit in a circle around a table. Each player should have a drink with them. Then each player is dealt four cards face up that need to be kept in front of that player.


The dealer then starts “Up the River” by turning over the first card in the deck. If a player has a card in front of them that is the same number (suit doesn’t matter) as the card turned over they must take one drink. If the player has multiple cards that are the same they must drink the number of cards that are the same.

The dealer continues “Up the River” by turning over the next card and the game plays the same way except this time the player must drink two drinks if their card is the same. The next deal the player has to drink three drinks and the last deal is four drinks. These cards should be dealt out next to each other not stacked on one another.

After the fourth card is dealt the dealer now goes “Down the River” by dealing the next card in the deck on top of the fourth card. This time any player that has a matching card GIVES four drinks away. They can give these drinks away any way they choose; four drinks to one play or one drink to for different players. Similar to before if a player has multiple cards that are the same they give away drinks based on the number of cards that match.

The dealer continues “Down the River” by dealing the next card in the deck on the third card that was dealt. If a player have a matching card they give three drink to other players. This then continues with the next card giving way two drink and the following card giving away one drink.

Lastly, the dealer starts turning over the cards over cards while counting from 1 (Ace) to 13 (King), if the card number turned over s the same in value as the count number then all players must drink that many drinks.

After all the cards are dealt that round is over. Shuffle, switch dealers and deal again to start another round. Gameplay continues until everyone is tired of the game or sick of drinking.


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