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Everyone knows and loves beer pong and flip cup! Chandelier is a drinking game that combines these two games and chugging. Try out this drinking game at your next party to mix things up.

What You Need

  • Ping Pong Ball
  • One Red Cup Per Person
  • Center Chug Cup
  • Round Table


1 - Everyone has their own cup, and has the same amount of beer in their cup as if they were playing pong or flip cup.

2 - The cups are arranged in a circle, and there is one middle cup that is filled to the brim with beer.

3 - The game begins as one person (let's call him Steve) bounces a ping pong ball on the table and tries to bounce the ball into a cup. If Steve manages to bounce the ball into someone else's cup (let's call him Phil), Phil has to drink the beer in his cup, then refill his cup.

4 - If Steve bounces the ball into the middle cup, everyone has to drink their cup and then play flip cup on the edges of the table. The last person to flip their cup has to chug the middle cup.

5 - If Steve misses bouncing the ball into anyone's cup or the middle cup, the ball can either be passed to the next person in the circle, or the ball can go to whoever catches it.

*If Steve bounces the ball into his own cup, he has to drink his beer and refill it. Everyone must refill their cup after every time they drink out of their cups.

The game essentially ends when everyone is too wasted to play anymore. The game also can get really fun when there are specific people targeted throughout the game.


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