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Drinking games that use Ping Pong Balls are a lot of fun. The most famous of all college drinking games, Beer Pong, has players shoot Ping Pong Balls across the table into red cups. This game is known all over college campus nationwide but Ping Pong Drinking Games don't stop there. There are many other fun games you can learn how to play at your next party. Take a look at the links below for the full list.

January 31, 2012

Tired of always winning at Beer Pong and therefore staying sober all night as the losers have to finish all the beers? Well with Four Banger the first person to finish their beer wins! For once this game allows the winners to drink their fair share. This game is simple to learn and fun to play, so read on for all the details.

November 25, 2010

Everyone knows and loves beer pong and flip cup! Chandelier is a drinking game that combines these two games and chugging. Try out this drinking game at your next party to mix things up. Read more for the details on how to play.

By: Allison Kim

June 07, 2010

Beer Pong also known as Beirut on the East Coast is the number one drinking game across college campuses nationwide. This game has exploded in growth over the last few years and just about everyone in college already knows how to play this game.

By: The Rulemaster

May 02, 2010

Baseball the drinking game is a game where players throw a pingball ball arcoss a table into a row of four cups and then play flip cup to score extra bases by stealing. This game is composed of aspects from both Beer Pong and Flip Cup but it gets twice as many people involved in the game then in Beer Pong.

By: The Rulemaster