Beer Pong

By: The Rulemaster

Beer Pong also known as Beirut on the East Coast is the number one drinking game across college campuses nationwide. This game has exploded in growth over the last few years and just about everyone in college already knows how to play this game.

What You Need

  • A Long Table
  • 22 Red Plastic Cups
  • At Least Two Ping Pong Balls
  • Beer

Setting Up

First off you need a beer pong table. You can use many different types of tables for this, a custom beer pong table, a dining table, plywood on a table, a folding table or a even real ping pong table will all work. If you plan on playing this game often or throwing lots of parties then you probably want to consider building your own table or buying an authentic beer pong table.

Place your table in an area where you wonít mind some beer being spilled and where it is pretty easy to wipe up afterwards because not all the beer will stay on the table. Setting the table up on carpet is generally a bad idea.

Now that you have the table and it is set up in a good area; it is time to place the cups on the table. Take 10 cups and make the shape of an equilateral triangle on each short end of the table with four cups at the bottom and one cup at the top. In the diagram below the red circles are the cups set up for the beer.

Now fill all 20 red cups (10 on each side) equally with beer. If you are pouring from cans people generally use two to three beers per side depending on the house you are playing at. If using a keg fill the cups till they are about 1/4 to a 1/3 full.

Lastly you need to set up a water cup to rinse the balls off in between turns or when the balls fall on the ground. Fill up one cup for each side full with clean water and place the cup on the side slightly away for the beer cup pyramid. You donít want the water cup to get in the way of gameplay. They should be in the approximate location of the blue circles on the image above.

Basic Rules

There are so many different rules for this game depending on where you live, the college you go to and the house rules for the party you are at, you should always ask for their house rules before starting a game. In general this game is played by two players on each team taking turns shooting the ping pong balls across the table into the opposing teams cups.

When a ball is made into a cup the opposing team has to drink all the beer in that cup and remove the cup from game play. Each player on a team only gets to shoot one ping pong ball per turn but if both players make their balls in a cup on the same turn then they get to throw again. You win by eliminating all the opposing teamís cups first.


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