Around The World

By: The Rulemaster

You may be stuck inside your dorm room, unable to traverse outside of your town, much less the United States, but that doesn't mean you can't travel. With the amount of alcohol you consume in Around the World, there's no question as to why this popular drinking game earned its title - even if that isn't the real reason why. You'll need between 2 and 6 players to make this game worth while, but anything more than 6 will overcomplicate things.

What You Need

  • Deck of Cards
  • Beer

The Set Up

Have your beer of choice nearby, preferably a few bottles / cans / cups per player. Designate a starter dealer. The game is set up into rounds of 2, so after each round just rotate the dealer.

The dealer will begin round one by dealing 4 cards per player. The cards are to remain facedown and none of the other players can see them.

Round two is set with two columns of four cards, with the columns labeled "Give" and "Take". This is a central deal and is not specific to one player - all players participate in round 2 at the same time. The cards from round 1 will remain in play, face up, as round 2 is based entirely off of these cards.

Basic Rules

Start round 1 off with a designated or randomly chosen. That player will start by making guesses about the cards that they have face down in front of them. The guesses will be regarding qualities of the card and are as follows:

Aroaund the world
  • Is Card 1 Red or Black
  • Is Card 2 Higher or Lower than Card 1
  • Does Card 3 Fall Between Card 1 and Card 2
  • What Suit is Card 4
  • Each player will take turns trying to guess these correctly. For each incorrect guess, the player must drink. When a guess is made correctly, the player can force another to drink.

    For example, player 1 correctly guesses that card 1 is black. Player 1 can make any of the other players (only ONE) drink. Players go through each quartet of guesses before play is passed onto the next player.

    Round 2 is nothing more than a matching game, a game of luck. The dealer takes turns flipping cards, one by one, from each column. If any of the players have a card that matches one of the columned cards, they must do the action of that column. The "Give" column grants them the chance to force another to drink while the "Take" column bestows a swig of alcohol upon themselves.

    The game continues until someone passes out, can no longer comprehend what's going on, or there are no more cards left. This is one of those rare games where, no matter what happens in a turn, somebody is bound to drink.


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