Foam Party

By: The Costume King

If you’re a college student, chances are you’ve heard of the infamous “Foam Party”. Some say you haven’t lived the college life until you’ve been involved in this massive clusterf@#k. Since you’ll want to make sure you get the all-around college experience on your parent’s dime, the next party you should throw should be the coveted Foam Party.

Setting Up

For your Foam party, you will need space; lots and lots of open, unencumbered space. Since you and your guests will be practically blinded by the large amount of foam that is going to fill up the party space, you’re not going to want to worry about stumbling and tripping over random, breakable objects. To fulfill your space requirement, you will need to find a venue or building that is not only big enough, but who is owned by somebody willing enough to let you fill their space with a massive amount of foam.

One problem that many people run into with a foam party is the potential damages that may occur. The foam could seep into cracks along walls and floors or get absorbed into carpets, creating moisture pockets that could mold over. It can also coat uncovered pipes and, in the colder months, cause them to freeze over. Also, as you’re dealing with a water-based solution, electrical equipment could pose a dangerous dilemma. While surface damage may not be preventable, you can at least attempt to secure all electronic devices with a ground fault interrupter, which will decrease the risk of electrocution. To avoid all this hassle, though, you can just invest in a Foam Party Dance Pit. As the name implies, it is a inflatable dance pit allows for a foam party without all the risks.

Now that you’re well aware of the dangers of a foam party and you’ve found yourself a suitable-enough event space, it’s time to finish prepping. Oh, you’ve got your foam solution, foam generator, and music output ready? Consider yourself done! Feel free to invest money in some “favors” to be handed out such as snorkeling goggles, shower caps, etc.

Drinks should come in some form that can be closed or covered. Serve whatever you’d like, just make sure your guests are getting a side of foam with every sip they take!

What to Wear?

Attire for the foam party is all dependant on your mood. Do you want to slosh around in wet clothing or do you not mind showing your body off in a bathing suit? Unless there is a specific theme attached (i.e. Pirate themed), than there’s no need for you to wear anything specific. Just show up in what you consider comfortable, but keep in mind that you’ll be in a very wet environment. Everybody knows wet jeans are no laughing matter and can really ruin your night.

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