Flip Cup

By: The Rulemaster

Flip cup is one of the biggest drinking games at colleges everywhere. Flip cup is a perfect game for those big parties because it is easy to set up, it gets you messed up and you can play with a lot of people. Flip cup is often played in tournaments to see which team is the best.

What You Need

  • 1 Solo Red Cup per Person
  • A Table
  • Beer

Setting Up

Two teams line up standing, facing one another, on opposite sides of a table. You need an equal number of people to play so that your opponent t will be standing directly across from you. In front of each person is a Solo Red Cup filled with a set amount of beer. Most times people fill the beer up to the first line inside the cup or roughly a ╝ full of beer.


At the start of the game the first person from each team starts drinking the beer in their cup. Once the player finishes drinking the beer they place the cup face up on the edge of the table and try to flip the cup. They can do this by flicking or lighting the bottom of the cup until the cups lands upside down sitting on the mouth of the cup. The player can keep resetting and re-flipping the cup until it is flipped. Once the first teammate finishes flipping the cup then the next person in line can start on their cup. This continues where you have to wait for the person before you to completely finish before you start until one team gets through all of their players. The first team to finish drinking all cups wins.


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