Dragon Master

By: The Rulemaster

You may think you will have to whip out some Kung Fu during Dragon Master, but the name of the game is not very indicative of whatís in store. Dragon Master is a lengthy game made up of 5 smaller games, all coming with their own rules and regulations. This game requires some hefty understanding, so itís best to not start things off a little tipsy. Youíll need between 2 and 6 players to make this game worth while, but anything more than 6 will overcomplicate things.

What You Need

  • Deck of Cards
  • Beer / Liquor
  • 3 - 4 Players

The Set Up

The dealer will deal a specific amount of cards depending on the number of players - for 3 players, each person gets 12 cards. A game of 4 people will have 9 cards doled out. For each of the 5 games - and throughout the course of Dragon Master, all 5 will be played - a new hand will be dealt to ensure not everyone is playing with the same.

Dragon Master is a rotation of the following 5 games:

  • Diamonds
  • Jack of Spades
  • 10ís
  • First and Last
  • Dragon Master

Of the five, the Dealer chooses which game is to be played - except for Dragon Master, which is the last game to be played.

Basic Rules


During Diamonds, you donít want to win a trick with a diamond card in play. For every Diamond card in play, you would drink 3 drinks.


The same concept as Diamonds is used with 10ís, accept if you win a trick with a 10, you have to drink 10 drinks for every 10 displayed.

Jack of Spades

If you win a trick with a Jack of Spades, you will be downing 20 drinks, so plan strategically to not have to play your Jack of Spades at a point where you will win.

First and Last

You donít want to win the first or last tricks here. A drink is taken if you win either, but nothing is given out if a trick is won between the first and last.

Dragon Master

Finally, Dragon Master combines all of the rules of the games. Diamonds, 10ís, the Jack of Spades, and the First and Last trick all warrant drinks in their previously mentioned values (i.e. 20 drinks for the Jack of Spades).

So, what is a trick? A trick is a round. To win a trick, you have to play the highest card. For example, if everyone is throwing down 8ís and 9ís and you have an Ace, playing that Ace would make you the winner of the trick. Tricks make up the games, though, so even if a trick is won, the game is not won until all cards are played. After all cards are played, you move on to the next game. Continue ad nauseam until you reach Dragon Master.


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