Blackout or Get out

By: The Costume King

We all go through life making some pretty poor decisions. It's bound to happen, and no matter what you do to try and void it, it is quite unavoidable. Luckily, the college life is pretty forgiving of these poor decisions, which is why some genius went ahead and created a party based entirely on one poor decision � drinking until one passes out. This party theme is popular amongst younger college students, especially those that can't help but knock back more alcohol than their body can handle. The rules are simple - Blackout or Get Out.

Setting Up

You may think that setting up for the Blackout or Get Out party theme would require little actual work, but you'd be mistaken. Sure, the main focus is to get as much alcohol as possible, but there are some precautions you'll want to take before we get to the alcohol list.

You have to remember, the very first thing your guests do when they show up is knock by 10 drinks ' be it 10 beers or 10 shots (or, hell, probably both). Almost immediately, they'll be sent into an intoxicated state, making everything in your party area fair game for breakage. If there's anything valuable or anything dangerous in the area, it's best to remove it ahead of time. Your space will be filled with heavily intoxicated individuals who, without a moment's notice, could either fly off the handle or simply, as the title of the party suggests, black out.

Another fun little tidbit that comes with a lot of alcohol is the testing of limits. Some people may show up thinking they can handle downing 10 beers right off the bat. Many of those same people will find out that their stomachs are actually smarter than their brains and will vacate everything that was ingested. Expect at least a handful of guests to not be able to hold down their liquor. Keep towels on hand. Line the floor with plastic wrap. Do whatever you can to make the after party clean-up easy.

Now, you seem ready for the alcohol, so here it is: Get As Much As Possible. Seriously, it doesn't matter what you get (save for the initial shots ' make that something strong, but easy to go down). For everything else, just stock up. This is by far the most idiotic of college party themes, but it's also the most simplistic. Beer ' nothing fancy, just the usual -, vodka, premixed beverages, liquors, and anything else that you can think of that would be a treat to guzzle down.

If you're going to brave throwing this party, be sure to have a couple of designated guests to watch over everyone and ensure things don't get completely out of hand. Honestly, though, at some point, they still will.

What to Wear?

Didn't think you'd have to worry about attire for this party, right? Well, you kind of don't, but there are a few tips you may want to pay attention to:

  1. Don't wear anything that you can easily trip over
  2. Don't wear anything that you cherish (Leave all jewelry at home!)
  3. Wear underwear (seriously, gals, don't make yourselves easier targets when you're passed out)
  4. Where something that you can easily walk in (leave the heels at home, ladies!)

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