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Do you align yourself with the Mathletes the Athletes? It's the stereotypical story of the nerds versus the jocks. This party is similar to the High School Stereotypes theme party. As a girl were you a cheerleader or sexy mathlete? Likewise, as a guy were you on the football team and wore sweater-vests, or did you rock those calc tests?


The best idea to bring the true spirit of a Mathletes and Athletes party is to try and make the drinks match the theme everyone is dressing up as. The best way to do this is to find one of those big orange water coolers and fill it up with Jungle Juice. Follow the link for the recipe if need. From this cooler all your guests can "re-hydrate" themselves just like the athletes do. If the party becomes a wild success maybe even someone will dump the cooler all over the party host, aka the coach of the party.

What to Wear?

For this theme party figuring out what to wear is rather quiet simple. Either align yourself as a Mathlete or an Athlete. Dressing up either way can be a lot of fun! As a guy if you're looking to give everyone a few good laughs then by going all out as a Mathlete will serve you well. As a girl you can make either costume have a sexy flare to it.


As a guy what you need to decide is if you want to poke fun at yourself by dressing as a Mathlete or if you want to bro it out dressed as an Athlete. If you decide to dress like a Mathlete a cliche nerd costume is the way to go. Wear glasses, a pocket protector, pants up to your belly button and a plaid shirt. When dressing as an Athlete you have a number of different options. You could pull out one of your jerseys from your closet. A football jersey is probably the most common but old jerseys from when you used to play either soccer, track, basketball or tennis will all work as well. Your last option for guys is to dress how the spoiled ivy league university athletes dress when they are off the field. Put on some khakis, a button up shirt and a sweater vest that represents your school.


Girls have many option for this theme party. You can either try to pull off the whole naughty school girl concept, put on that high school cheerleading outfit or dress as a sport you once played. If you decide to dress as a Mathlete try to aim to be the cute or sexy nerd. To be a cute nerd put on some big glasses, hot pants, suspenders and a plaid button down shit, high socks and pig tails. If you want to aim for more of a sexy Mathlete swap out the pants and suspenders for a skirt and leave your button down shirt only partly buttoned up.

If dressing as an Athlete is more your style either become a cheerleader or a girls' sports player. As a cheerleader all you need to wear is the standard slutty Halloween cheer costume but as a sports player you have many more options. You could dress as a Tennis Player by wearing a cute skirt with tight fitting tank, small tennis shoes, and tennis racket. Another idea is to dress as a basketball player by wearing a jersey, knee highs or crew socks, big tennis shoes, short shorts and a sweatband. Ideas are endless so just have fun with it!

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