Cops and Robbers

By: The Costume King

Anybody that enjoys a little role playing has probably divulged in the Cop and Robber scenario. One person plays the cop as they catch the robber in an ill act that requires a little bit of sexual redemption. Since the act of role playing this historic figures is so well known, it was inevitable that it would make itself a place within college party history.

Setting Up

Setting up the decor for the Cops and Robbers themed party may take a little creativity. If you check out your local party store, you may be able to find a wall cling that mimics the look of a jail cell, otherwise you may be out of luck in terms of pre-made decor. With this party theme, you can adjust the lighting to let off on blue and red tones by changing out regular lightbulbs with 'party bulbs' that can be purchased in most hardware stores. If you're really creative, you can download a soundbyte of a police siren and sneak it into your MP3 player to blare after several songs. Not only will it fit the theme, you'll probably get a laugh or two by scaring a few of your less than stellar party goers.

Outside of decor, you've got the alcohol and the music to worry about. As this theme doesn't take on a specific time period or specific part of the country, you don't have to go crazy fitting the beverage list with the theme. The music can be whatever fits your mood for that day. Avoid playing sappy music - not just because of the nature of the party, but because your guests will give you dirty looks throughout the night.

One scenario for the Cops and Robbers party is that each guest is handcuffed to another ' boys handcuffed to girls, of course. The only way to release the tie is to down a round of beers or shots. Once the drinks are downed, the guests will be released from one another and attached to another guest. It's optional whether or not you want this to play out or if you'd like to just stick with a simple 'costumed' theme.

What to Wear?

What you wear to this party should be pretty straight forward and easy to figure out. You're either going to be on the good side or the bad side - and no matter which one you choose you're going to want the help of a costume store. For the cop, stock yourself up with some accessories like plastic firearms, a fake police badge, and, while you're at it, pop one a mock up of those classic British police hats for a conversation piece. Throw together a pistol belt complete with handcuffs (make them real for after the party) and a flashlight and toss on a blue button down shirt, slacks, and dress shoes to complete the look. Those proficient with a needle and thread should have no problem sewing on a simple patch that, surely, can be purchased on the world wide web.

Those going for the robber look can find solace in the stereotypical black and white striped suit. More resourceful individuals may try to score a mock correctional facility get-up, but the traditional 'robber' look may fit better for this party. If you can trust those around you, don't hesitate to come complete with your hands shackled and a plastic 'iron' ball strapped to your ankle.

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