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The game Avalanche is a good game for a college party where you have too many people for many other drinking games but want to get everyone involved. This game can be played with any number of people.

What You Need

  • Game Drinking Glasses
  • A Six Sided Die
  • Table
  • Alcohol

Start the game off with one drinking glass for the game. Choose a player to start the game. This player will add any amount of alcohol they choose to the glass and then throw the die on the table. This starts the game and now the game continues counterclockwise around the table following the rules below.

Rolls a:

  1. Nothing happens, continues to the next person.
  2. The player doubles the amount of alcohol in the glass or fills it to the top if the glass is already more than half full.
  3. Player must drink the glass.
  4. Player yells "Floor!" and all players must point downward towards the floor. Last player to point down at the floor has to drink the glass. You can also make up another word and action for this rule instead but it always is the last person to perform the action has to drink.
  5. Player rolls again. If they roll another 5, then they get to pick someone to drink the glass. If any other number is rolled then you follow the rule for that number.
  6. Nothing happens, continues to the next person.

The glass from the beginning is given to the person who has to drink from die numbers “3”, “4” & “5”. The next person to go after someone has to drink the glass has to start with a new glass. If the drinker has not finished their glass by the time play returns to them then they are out of the game and lose. Also, if any player drinks 3 game glasses then they lose. The winner of the game is the last one still in the game not to lose from either of these two ways.


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