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Dice drinking games can be a lot of fun. The games are easy to set up and dice are cheap to buy. These dice games can turn a boring party into a fun night. 7-11-Doubles is the most popular dice drinking games. All you need is two dice, an empty glass and beer. Get at least three of your friends together to start playing. Click on a few of the links below to learn how to play these games at your next party!

March 09, 2011

Three Man is a classic dice drinking game that everyone should try at least once. This game takes practically no setup so just gather your friends around a table, grab some beer and a dice to get ready for a fun night ahead. This article has all the rules and details for you!

By: The Rulemaster

February 02, 2011

Beer Die is a popular die drinking game where players compete in teams to land the die in an opponents cup. The game typically consists of two two-player teams with each of the four players having a designated cup on the table. Lean all the rules to this drinking game so you can play this game at your next party.

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December 20, 2010

7-11-Doubles also known as 'Pound' is a fun simple drinking game. This game is played with anywhere between three to ten players and dice are used to see who will be drinking next. Read on find find out how to play this drinking game at your next party!

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April 04, 2010

The game Avalanche is a good game for a college party where you have too many people for many other drinking games but want to get everyone involved. This is a game played with a die and this drinking game can be played with any number of people.

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