Mardi Gras

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To some, it's known as Fat Tuesday, to others, Mardi Gras, and to a select few, it's best known as 'That day where chicks flash their breasts for beads'. Mardi Gras is a massive celebration in the state of Louisiana which sports a large parade with a vast assortment of intricate costumes' and the potential for some half naked ladies. It sounds like the perfect set up for a college party theme. Alcohol, good company, bare skin ' it's the life.

Setting Up

If you've ever seen a Mardi Gras party, you'll know that there are usually a lot of colors flying about. It's a very vibrant celebration that mixes a lot of modern and traditional themes. Decorating for this themed party should integrate the same style d'cor. The best part about decorating for a Mardi Gras themed party is that everything you could possibly need can be found in any party supply store.

The traditional colors are purple, gold, and green, and it's not difficult to find streamers in these three colors. Streamers are cheap but effectively liven up a party space. Again, though, any online party supply store will be able to put you in touch with a large selection of different types of d'cor, from sparkling hangers to those weird theatrical faces.

There's no official 'Drink of Mardi Gras', but there are some favorites that you may want to consider having on hand:

  • New Orleans Hurricane: Mix together a light rum, passion fruit flavoring, a lemon-lime flavored soda, lime juice, and 151 proof rum.
  • Red Snapper II: Some whiskey, amaretto, and cranberry juice make up this French Quarter signature beverage.
  • Laval Lamps: This glowing beverage is a mixture of red or blue Jell-O mix, boiling water, vodka, and champagne. Sparkly and delightfully bright.
  • Bourbon Slush: Frozen orange juice concentrate, lemonade concentrate, pineapple juice, white sugar, black tea, bourbon whiskey, and lemon-lime soda creates a delicious blend.
  • Bahama Mama: This refreshing classic is an infusion of rum, coconut flavored rum, grenadine syrup, orange juice, and pineapple juice.

One thing you want to have available is beads. Lots and lots of beads in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Give out a strand to every guest that enters and let them create the mayhem of exchanging them. It's actually quite entertaining to see which girl winds up with the most by the end of the night.

What to Wear?

Ah, the fun part! Mardis Gras is a celebration that sports a plethora of different options for costumes. You can dress normal and simply throw a feathered boa around your shoulders, go a more 'pimp' route and sport a pimp hat and cane, or you can simply wear the bear minimal for when the beads start coming your way. Choose outfits that are colorful and vibrant and, if possible, shiny in as many ways possible. Don't forget the purple, green, and gold motifs!

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