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Everyone starts college not knowing exactly what to do. Being a senior in High School you were the king of the school but now as the Freshman in college you are lost. Well we have advice for you! We want to help to grow into the king of partying. Whats college if you can't let loose and have fun? We'll give you the advice you need so you don't make any party mistakes and after a rough night we'll give you tips to cure that hangover in the morning. Take a look below for all your college party advice.

February 15, 2012

When planning your next party there are some must have essentials you can't forget to have. For one you definitely can't forget snacks and drinks! Arma Energy Snx will give you the boost to keep you partying all night. Whether you are throwing a kickback Super Bowl party or a raging house party we have some tips for you.

November 13, 2011

So you've moved off-campus into the real world and unfortunately your your new post grad apartment is nothing like the swanky palaces of The Real World MTV. Still, no chance you're giving up the party life right? Right. Here are some tips to help you party in a box without boxing out your friends.

March 23, 2011

Tons of college students smoke weed. Smoking is an integral part of college party culture but a lot of people have been getting nabbed by the boys in blue lately for stupid reasons. We have five tips about advice on how to smoke weed responsibly. These are rules you should follow to make sure you don't be nabbed by the cops.

By: Ganja Wise

March 21, 2011

Looking for a way to cure that nasty hangover? We have different hangover cures from around the world. Each country has a different way to deal with hangovers. Below is a list we've compiled to give you some ideas on how to take care of your next hangover. Take a look at what different cultures do to try and feel better.

By: The Party Guru

October 28, 2010

We have some tips on mistakes you don't want to make at your next party. If you do any of these mistakes you are likely to create a bad vibe, get kicked out or not even let into the party. Get on top of everything before your next party!

By: The Party Guru

October 05, 2010

Did you go out to an awesome party last night and drink too much? We all know hangovers are the worst, everything feels too bright and your head is constantly pounding. Well we have some tips, remedies and cures for your hangover.

By: The Party Guru

August 22, 2010

When planning a party the last thing you want to happen is it getting busted by the cops. If the cops come it completely shuts down the party, you get a big fine and if you are renting, your landlord gets notified. All of that sucks, so we have some tips to help you avoiding getting rolled on by the cops.

By: The Party Guru