Party Mistakes

By: The Party Guru

We have some tips on mistakes you don't want to make at your next party. If you do any of these mistakes you are likely to create a bad vibe, get kicked out or not even let into the party. These are pretty common things you should know before you go out as a freshman your first year. Read up, then party on!

House Rules Always Win

There is always going be arguments over the dumbest of things when alcohol is involved, even discussing simple game rules can become confrontational. It doesn't matter how right or wrong you are, it is their party and they make the final decision. Chances are they have a lot of friends inside who are drunk off their ass and would love to start a fight. The house always wins! Be cool and have a good time.

If you are the host try to settle down any dispute early before it gets out of hand. If people start going at it in your house it is bound to destroy a few things. Also, a rowdy fight is more likely to bring the attention of the unwanted cops.

Donít Go to a College Party with a Bunch of Dudes

We know this can be hard to do at times but make friends with all the girls on your dorm floor or apartment building. If you are a large group of guys with few or no girls, chances in you wonít get in to most parties. Only one of your good friends would dare allow a bunch of dudes to roll in by themselves. Break up into smaller groups and bring girls that are your friends with you. As it gets later in the quarter/semester you should have a good feel of where is a good play to play and where you know you can get in.

Don't Complain About Paying $5 to Drink All Night

Many house/frat parties charge $5 at the door to get in and then you get to drink all night. We know that itís a grungy house party in a dark basement or backyard and the keg is only natty but donít complain about spending $5 to drink all night. If you were downtown at the bars you would throw down $5 for one drink. They probably blow $20 easily in just that one night.

Don't Bring Your Jacket

It is always a mistake to bring your jacket to a party. No matter how cold it is out once you get to the party you are going to want to take it off. Carrying it around is awkward and finding a place to leave it is even worse. As a tip, pre-game is little before you go out and let the alcohol make you feel warmer as you walk to the party.


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