How to Party in a Box

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So you've moved off-campus into the real world and unfortunately your your new post grad apartment is nothing like the swanky palaces of The Real World MTV. Still, no chance you're giving up the party life right? Right. Here are some tips to help you party in a box without boxing out your friends.

Figure Out Your Magic Number

Calculate how many people can fit in your apartment without depriving anyone of oxygen. Triple that number and that is the number of guests you should invite. Some people wonít show up, a bunch will be late, and your close friends will come early. Figuring out the magic number will help create a party thatís always packed but never mob-scene crowded. Arenít you glad you didnít skip out on math class?

Avoid Traffic Jams

To avoid that 11 oíclock bottleneck that makes it impossible to move freely, start your party a little earlier than usual. By making your house party last longer, youíre less likely to have that crazy hour where everyone suddenly comes rushing through the door and youíre practically glued to the ground. Avoiding a traffic jam will also help keep your party in control.

Throw a Pre-Game Party

If you donít want to play traffic police at your party or deprive anyone of oxygen, have a small pre-game party at your place before heading out for the real rave at a bar or club. Now you can invite all of your 1,245 Facebook friends to the rave without worrying about space while still showing off your new apartment to a select few. Talk about being exclusive.

Have a Cocktail Hour

Cocktail parties are small afternoon affairs that are perfect for tiny apartments. They are also a good way to change things up from the usual college keggers. This party is all about the wine and cheese. Oh, and the attire. No jeans or sneakers please. Boxed wine and store bought cheese platters are absolutely acceptable and feel free to get creative with your mixed drinks.


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