Avoiding Cops

By: The Party Guru

When planning a party the last thing you want to happen is it getting busted by the cops. If the cops come it completely shuts down the party, you get a big fine and if you are renting, your landlord gets notified. All of that sucks, so we have some tips to help you avoiding getting rolled on by the cops.

Before the Party

The best way to prevent getting busted by the cops is being pre-emptive when planning the party. Most parties are broken up because a neighbor makes a noise complaint or some other complaint against your house. So during the day before your party let your neighbors know what you are planning. It is best to talk to them in person but if they are not home leave them a note. If they are also college students invite them over. If they are a family or anyone else really just be nice and let them know you are just having a get together with your friends. Give them your cell number and tell them to call you if your friends are getting to noisy.

This works almost every time unless you have been a bad neighbor to them in the past. Most times even if you are being too loud they wonít ever actually call you. The fact that you came over and told them showed them you cared enough to let them know. They will just keep to themselves and let you have your fun time. If they do call though make sure you let them know you will keep the noise down and tell some of your buddies to stop hollering so loudly every time they win a beer pong game.

Know Your Rights
At the Party

To avoid getting busted by the cops while the party is still going on the real key is making it look like no party is going on. Keep the blinds shut in the front of the house. Keep the party inside, if that is possible at least keep in the backyard and donít blast music outside. For the music inside the house turn it down a notch or two when it passes midnight, thatís when the neighbors will get more sensitive to the noise. Do everything you can to still have fun and not kill the party mood but to still maintain control over your party. Have fun with it and party on!


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