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Cops are the ultimate college party killer. Whether they roll up shutting down your house party or bust you for smoking weed, they sure ruin our good time. We have some tips and advice on how to make sure they don't bust you while you are trying to have fun next weekend. Take a look at our articles listed below for the details you need to know before your next encounter with the police.

March 23, 2011

Tons of college students smoke weed. Smoking is an integral part of college party culture but a lot of people have been getting nabbed by the boys in blue lately for stupid reasons. We have five tips about advice on how to smoke weed responsibly. These are rules you should follow to make sure you don't be nabbed by the cops.

By: Ganja Wise

August 22, 2010

When planning a party the last thing you want to happen is it getting busted by the cops. If the cops come it completely shuts down the party, you get a big fine and if you are renting, your landlord gets notified. All of that sucks, so we have some tips to help you avoiding getting rolled on by the cops.

By: The Party Guru