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Who doesn't like music?! No, really, is there anyone out there that doesn't, because if that's the case, you may want to veer away from this page. Okay, now that they're gone' We all love music here ' from classic rock to Motown's greatest, the eclectic nature of music is quite evident. What does this have to do with college partying? Quite a bit, actually; especially if you're looking to throw a Music Genre Themed Party. What does such a party entail? Well, I'm glad you asked'

Setting Up

The term 'music genre' encompasses such a wide range of differing tastes that it's actually quite difficult to have your party focus on all of them out there. You've got rock, rap, country, country rock, soul, R & B, gospel, gothic rock, classic rock, classical, etc, etc, etc' I'm sure you get the point ' there's a lot out there. You want to try and encompass as many genres as humanly possible; and really what that means is you want to try and play a diverse range of music throughout the party.

This theme is going to focus a lot on how people dress up, but there are a few minor touches you can do around the event space to make it look the part. Band posters are going to be your best friend. Hop into an FYE, Hot Topic, or any other store that and pick up enough band-branded posters to give the sense that you're representing multiple genres.

To go along with your numerous musical genres, you can serve a range of alcoholic beverages. Serve classy cocktails and label them as more refined for the classical genre while Jaeger bombs would work perfectly for something more along the lines of hard rock.

What to Wear?

Here's where the true nature of the party is going to show through. Musical genres are pretty easily represented by how a person dresses, so stress to your guests that this is the main focus of the party. Note: you don't want your guests dressing like celebrities. If 10 different people show up as members of KISS, then your party is going to lose focus. It's going to take some creativity, but it most certainly is possible.

  • Rap ' Baggy clothing and over exaggerated jewelry. Nowadays, most rap artists pretty much look like regular people, so definitely go old school.
  • Classic Rock ' Think bands like Poison or White Snake. Long blond hair, bandanas, all manner of funky clothing.
  • Motown ' Most Motown artists were big into more formalwear. Light colored suits would be perfect, especially if you can coordinate with a few other guests and dress the same.
  • Country ' It's all about the plaid and the blue jeans. Stereotypical, yes; but you're going to stand out as a country singer, that's for sure. Throw in a cowboy hat for good measure.
  • Blues ' The Blues Brothers. That's all I need to say. Not sure who they are? Watch the movie!

One of the easiest ways to pull of any of these costumes is to log onto Party City. They have a slew of generic costumes that are more than just mockeries of familiar faces.

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