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For years, people have used Halloween as a means to dress up as their favorite movie characters. It's inevitable that if you step outside your doors on October 31st, you'll find yourself faced with a veritable mix of familiar movie characters. If you’re a huge movie buff and don't want to wait till Halloween to honor your favorite film characters, than the Movie Theme Party is perfect for you.

Setting Up

When you think of the movies, several things probably come to mind. Movie posters, movie trailers, famous actors / actresses, your favorite movie characters – all being reasonable inclusions to your movie themed party. To prepare your dorm / home for the big event, there are several things you could implement to give your party that genuine movie feel.

If you are good with computers or know somebody who is, you should be able to put together a stretch of video showcasing anything from your favorite movie trailers to famous clips from some of Hollywood’s biggest flicks. Backed by some memorable movie music like the Star Wars theme, this little touch will really give your party that theatrical feel you’ll be going for. Burn your creation onto a DVD and either pop it into a DVD player or invest in a projector and display it against a large wall.

Now that the movie-mood is set, here are a few smaller items you can invest in to really kick the party up a notch:

  • Director's chairs
  • Antique / reproduction film reels and cans
  • Clapboard
  • Popcorn machine
  • Movie posters
  • Movie character cardboard cutouts

When you're planning the drink list, you may want to come up with some creations and name them after some of Hollywood's greatest hits. Throw together a mixture that includes some sort of wine and name it the Godfather or toss a shaken martini on the menu and call it the Bond.

What to Wear?

Your choice of attire can come from an extensive list of movies and characters ranging from the silent era's Charlie Chaplin to someone more modern like Austin Powers. Since comic book movies are all the rage these days, you may even want to break out your Batman, Spider-Man, or Iron Man costume.

Female party goers can choose from a mix of characters like Scarlet O'Hare, the Wizard of Oz's Dorothy, or even something more sinister like Aaliyah’s Queen of the Damned.

Some other costume ideas include:

  • The Ghostbusters
  • Ferris Bueler
  • Ian Malcolm / Ellie Sattler / John Hammond / Allen Grant (Jurassic Park)
  • Dracula (one of the many variations)

Send Us Your Party Photos

If you've thrown a party with this theme, please email us the photos along with your consent to use your photos on our website. We will publish it here.


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