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The entirety of your middle and high school career was littered with questions like 'What do you want to be when you grow up?' While it's not the easiest question to answer 100% accurately when you're still learning the ways of the world, it is one that opens up a slew of conversations as you get older. Did you want to pull puppies from a fire or prosecute bad guys in court? Either way, the 'When I Grow Up...' theme party is the best way to express all of the things you wanted to do when you actually graduate from your University.

Setting Up

Think of the stereotypical careers that children strive to get into. You're probably thinking of firemen, lawyers, police offers, movie stars, and maybe even archeologists and astronauts. Careers like these are going to be the basis of your party and will determine what minimal decor you're going to go with for this themed party. Have a section devoted to those former hopeful astronauts, using NASA decals and glow-in-the-dark stars; another part of the party room can cater to police officers and feature handcuffs and police batons.

Since the basis of this themed party is more in the lines of attire, you shouldn't spend too much on the initial set-up. To round off the experience, though, be sure to have the Pussycat Doll's 'When I Grow Up' blaring over the stereo every so often.

One quirk you can put into play is a customized drink menu. Take well known drinks and twist them to fit various careers. Add a dash of cinnamon or spice to a mixed drink and pass it off at a homage to those firefighters at heart or add dry ice to certain mixes to turn them into something from out of this world. You can even serve up some shots in fake syringes for those medical field wannabes.

The set-up should be subtle as it's hard to touch on every career path without a near infinite amount of space. In the end, it is the modes of dress that will drive the theme home.

What to Wear?

The point of this theme is to come dressed up as the career you desired in your childhood. Were you the oddball out that wanted to become a general scientist? Throw on a lab coat and attach some beakers to a home-made belt. Did you always desire to be a member of the infamous Cowboy cheerleaders? You'll have no problem digging up a sexy cheerleader uniform to match the NFL teams colors.

Other career choices may include:

  • Judge
  • Army Soldier / Marine
  • Musician
  • Superhero
  • Nurse / Doctor
  • Actor / Actress
  • Director
  • Pirate / Fisherman
  • If the party is really lucky, you�ll have that girl with the interestingly weird childhood show up. Chances are she had aspirations to follow in her mother�s footsteps and become the towns next best stripper.

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