Avoiding Party Fouls

By: The Party Guru

When you go to a college party don't be "that guy" (or girl). Every time you are having a good time someone has to throw everything off with a party foul. This will either result in you having a bad night or even getting thrown out! Read about different types of college party fouls to better avoid those situations at your next party.

Don't Get Sick

As a college student you should know your limits but in case you take in too far (as many times we do when having a good night) still be smart about it. If you're getting sick don't throw up all over the party; take outside the building, in the restroom or (if you have to) in a trash can. It's crazy how many partying students take it too far and get nauseous all over the floor, partying fouling all over the party. Think about how you would feel if someone did that at your house? If your stomach feels all funny then find the nearest bathroom, trashcan, window or balcony. Figure out how to get to a safe place before the night turns for the "even" worse.

Don't Talk of Classes

When going out to either a house party, a kickback or the bars, people don't go out to talk of school the whole time, so don't bring it up! Unless you know everyone from just your classes (and it's a good conversation starter) then 99% of the time bringing school up in a major buzz kill. The simple rule of thumb is, yes you're in college so you can get a great education, but when going out this is the last thing people want to hear about. Going out is your escape from all the bore.

Intoxication Level

The simple truth is that no one cares how drunk you are! You don't have to announce it to everyone in the world that your fucked up, sloshed, buzzed or drunk. It's great that you're having a good time and it can be fun to compare who has pounded more but you don't need to update all the party goers on your intoxication level every few minutes. The typical freshman bouncing all over the party screaming "I'm soo Fucked up Bro" is the typical offender of this.

Don't Break Things

Plainly put, resist the temptation to break things. Everyone knows when some guys drink they get that extra manly attitude where they just want to break things because they can. Don't be a complete jerk so don't break things. Even by accident this is still a foul so be careful if you are around things that can break and you're really drunk. This is one party foul that everyone will sure to remember even after the party is over as they have to clean the mess you left.

Know the Party Reason

Make sure you know the person who is throwing the party and why they are having it. Basically don't go crash someone's birthday party without knowing the party host or the person celebrating their birthday. Don't offend the person who lives in the house or is the center of the party and you're less likely to be thrown out. Also, making sure you know the important people at the party help if someone tries to test you to see if you belong at the party. If some asks so "Who do you know?" at least you'll be able to point out the right people and not get kicked out.


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