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College parties sometimes lead to some college hookups. Alcohol loosens everyones inhibitions up. Sometimes these hookups don't always go as planned. Our friends over at Worst Hookups bring you some of the funniest and worst hookup stories. Here is one good one that was posted on October, 6th 2010.

Can’t Blame Him for Chasing Tail

Ugh… I feel so weird telling this story, but my friends insisted. I’ll make it short and sweet. So, my first year of med school, I met this super-cute doctor. He was like early 30’s, tight body, looked like Christian Bale. Not kidding. One day he told me that he wanted to take me out to dinner. SWEET! I was so excited.

I got all done up that night-hot black dress and all the works. He picked me up in his Beemer (amazing!). We ate at this spectacular Italian restaurant. The food was awesome. The wine got me tipsy. He was funny and so sweet. This was going to happen. After dinner, he asked if I wanted to come to his place. Done. When we got there, he fed his dog and almost instantly after, we started making out. He was a great kisser. After about five minutes of passionate making out, he told me that he was going to run to the bathroom and asked me to wait.

To surprise him, I took off all my clothes and turned off the lights. In the dark, I heard footsteps come over. Suddenly I felt his long, hot tongue licking all over my pussy. Now, I’m normally not a moaner, but I was literally yelling it felt so good. All of a sudden, the lights flipped on. There was my doctor in the doorway. I looked down. Between my legs was HIS FUCKING DOG going to town on my vagina! I nearly vomited. He was in shock. Literally no words were said. I grabbed my clothes and sprinted the fuck out of his place. Well, at least I wasn’t his resident or something. Oh wait…I was. Moral of the story: bestiality is wrong. WRONG!


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Worst Hookups