You Want to be a PUA

By: The Party Guru

The dating scene isn't an easy one. From trying to get a bead on what girls are right for you to knowing exactly how to approach them, dating is almost like a second job. With the skills of a Pickup Artist on your side, though, it could be the easiest job you've ever walked into.

Before the Party

As you go through your college career, you’re going to find yourself in many social situations that may make you feel, in a word, awkward. When you’re with your close knit group of friends, you’re outgoing and hilarious; but stick yourself in a situation where you’re in the company of unfamiliar, attractive females, and you clam up. Surely, you’d like to rid yourself of this annoying shyness, and there’s really only one way to do so – join the ranks of the many Pickup Artists across the world.

A quick introduction to the life and times of the PUA (pickup artist): PUAs scour social situations looking for their next “target”, typically an overly attractive female that, in many situations, would be out of their league. Through clever conversation, a set list of topics, and subtle nuances, the PUA seduces said target and scores for the evening. In other words, exactly how you describe yourself to your roommate(s).

Starting off as a PUA can seem a little intimidating, and in reality, it should if you’re already prolific in the field. If you’re not comfortable with being the one that initiates conversation with a lady, than this is exactly the first thing that you need to work on. Don’t be afraid of the opposite sex. Sure, they may be vicious at times and are blood thirsty and irrational at least 5 days out of the month, but mostly they’re a pleasure to be around. Approach your target with a level of confidence that says “I know who I am and I know what I want.” Overstep that line of confidence, though, and you could easily find yourself being labeled as arrogant.

You’re going to find that the life of a PUA requires you to be quite direct. After you’ve made it through the initial phase of conversation (utilizing what’s called a routine, or a flow of conversation you practiced). Your routine can be on a various range of topics, so long as it’s interesting and keeps your audience intrigued. If at any point your target starts to zone out, change routines. It’s important to have several routines at your disposal so that if one fails, you can move on to another.

"Being a PUA is more than just being able to talk the talk" says celebrity pick up artist James Matador, though. You must also look the part. Dressing the part shouldn’t take much effort, but you certainly don’t want to just show up in ripped jeans and a graphic t-shirt. Dress presentable; wear a nice button down or even just a plain tee. You can wear jeans, just make sure they’re clean and not shaggy looking. Look clean and kempt; shave if needed, though you don’t need to be 100% clean shaven, so long as it’s neat.

You're on your way to joining the PUA ranks, but there’s still work to do. Practice everything – your routine, your approach, your look. Don’t assume everything is in order only to find yourself stumbling over words at the most crucial moments.
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