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Looking for some great recipes for your next college party? We have all sorts of recipes from how to make Jello Shots to how to bake Weed Brownies. We have all the details on what ingredients you will need and instructions to prepare the recipes. We hope these different foods and drinks will spice up your next party!

Looking for an easy way to make a fruity mix drink at your next kickback? Well let flavors from your childhood take your college drinks to the next level. Learn how you can make five different great tasting drinks out of Jolly Ranchers. Similar to making Skittles Vodka, turn your favorite candy into a flavorful drink.

By: The Drunk University

March 04, 2012

Every since the "real" Four Loko's were banned the college party scene hasn't been the same. Before, you could pound a couple Four Loko's and you just wanted to kiss, fuck or fight everyone! Well now you can have the glory days back because we have the details for you to make your own Four Loko drink called Falso Loko.

By: The Drunk University

February 28, 2012

Skittles Vodka is a great way to make a sweat drink at your next party. It's the perfect drink that all your friends can take shots too instead of just having straight liquor. What makes it great is that it is also easy and cheap to make. One large bag of Skittles and you can have five awesome different tasting drinks!

By: The Drunk University

November 05, 2011

This recipe is sure to make your next party or kickback a little more enjoyable. This basic recipe for making effective and tasty weed brownies is sure to get everyone excited for a good night ahead. In no time you should have some yummy treats for you and all your guests to enjoy. Just follow the link for instructions!

By: The Party Guru

March 03, 2011

One of the most creative and fun ways to "drink" at your next party is to make Jello Shots. Whats a college party without Jello Shots? Everyone gathers around to gulp one down. Its a fun way of getting drunk and making Jello Shots is no harder than making regular Jello because all you have to do is add some alcohol!

By: The Drunk University

February 23, 2011

Green Dragon is an alcoholic THC drink which is brewed by going through heating and distilling processes. It is made with a mixture of weed and high proof alcohol. You can use Green Dragon to 'spike' your own drinks, food or even bud but watch out because this is some powerful shit! This recipe is brought to you by Weed Smoking Tricks.

February 18, 2011

Jungle Juice is necessary for any good party. Jungle Juice makes a big party a success by providing enough alcohol for everyone. All different types of alcohol are used in this recipe. If you make this mixture right you won't even taste all the alcohol. This recipe makes twenty gallons of Jungle Juice; enough to keep a ragger going all night!

By: The Drunk University