Flannels and Handles

By: The Costume King

Very few people find flannel material to be sexy... mostly because it isnít; but somehow, someone got the great idea to combine flannels with a college party theme idea that may actually turn this rough material into the newest fad on campus. Flannels and Handles is the odd combination of wearing flannel while chugging down handles, which is essentially another way of saying a half gallon of liquor. Seriously. A half gallon. By the end of the night, itíll be a surprise if you donít rip off the flannel in a drunken haze.

Setting Up

Half gallons of liquor. Thatís your biggest concern for this party. You want to make sure that you not only serve decent liquor, but that you serve it in absurd amounts. To do so, you can choose a few methods. The easiest is to collect milk cartons - preferably the plastic gallon jugs that can be easily cleaned. In these, you can pretty much guestimate what a 1/2 gallon will look like. So fill it, screw on the cap, and youíre done.

Your other choice is to simply purchase half-gallon containers from the store. You may not find one that can be easily drank from as a plastic milk carton, but at least you wonít have to go begging for somebody elseís trash. One final method is to simply buy the liquor in 1.75 liter bottles. Be sure to do whatís most cost effective, as youíre going to have to invest a lot in plenty of alcohol. Really, it doesnít matter. Just get your guests 1/2 gallons of alcohol and theyíll be happy.

This party has a sort of ďlumberjackĒ feel to it, but itís all about the liquor and the flannel wear. You donít have to go crazy decorating for this party, though you may want to make sure that anything you find value in is hidden away. With half gallons of liquor floating about, you never know whoís going to end up where and breaking what.

What to Wear?

This is pretty self explanatory. Find something flannel, put it one. Done. Guys, youíll probably be looking at some form of button down shirt. Expect to be extremely itchy, unless you get the smarts to wear something underneath. Gals, if you can find a flannel shirt catered to you, go for it. If not, donít be afraid to tailor one to your needs. Rip off sleeves, cut the front to show a little cleavage - anything to turn it from some big, sweaty mans shirt to a sexy piece of clothing.

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