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In the world of your standard University and dorm, the nerds and the cool kids just don't mix. Sometimes, though, those lines need to be crossed, especially when it comes to throwing the best college theme party the school has ever seen. With the Nerd themed party, the nerds will feel at home while the cool kids leave behind everything that makes them 'cool'.

Setting Up

To prepare for the nerd party, you'll want to hide any and all sports memorabilia - plain and simple.

Some staple items you'll want to have around include:

  • Any gaming system (or all)
  • Star Wars memorabilia
  • Lava Lamps
  • Posters of Famous Scientists (i.e. Einstein)

For some of the top merchandise in the world of geekery, check out Purchase as much fitting stuff from that site as possible to deck your space out in to become the perfect model of a true nerd. Try not to overload your space with merchandise from TV and movies or you'll risk just looking like you're throwing a 'TV / Movie' themed party.

Your drinks for the evening should come off as 'scientific'. Throw in some dried ice for that smokey effect and serve them items like mini-beakers. Since it's a common myth that nerds don't drink, you may also want a surplus of sodas and non-alcoholic beverages.

What to Wear?

'Nerd' attire is pretty basic. White button up shirt, glasses, a pocket protector, slacks, and a pair of dress shoes. This will convey your point pretty well, but it's not your only option for your mode of dress. Below, you'll find a few other options:

  • Comic Book / TV / Movie T-Shirts
  • Suspenders
  • Add a bow tie to any business casual shirt
  • Oversized glasses
  • Spot on some freckles to taste
  • Pull-over Sweater

Girls, you know what to do. You can easily sex up your nerd outfit by changing out slacks for a skirt or by ensuring that low cut shirt you're wearing is labeled with something like the Batman insignia. You don't have to be sexy, though. You can blend in by wearing exactly what the men would wear.

Send Us Your Party Photos

If you've thrown a party with this theme, please email us the photos along with your consent to use your photos on our website. We will publish it here.


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