Rockstars and Groupies

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At some point in everybody's life, there has been a bout of Rock Star envy. These famed individuals get the opportunity to not only tour the globe, but also entertain masses and reap the benefits of being big name stars. Sure, there are stories of tragedy and less favorable times, but overall, the life of the Rock Star can really be the life to live. If you're not envious of the Rock Star, though, you can always fall back onto being a groupie. You may not have the fame, but you'll party close to those that do which, outside of the money, really can be the same thing. Regardless of which of the two lifestyles you envy, your next college party can put you right in the middle of your fantasy. With the Rock Stars and Groupies party theme, you'll live the high life without having to leave the comfort of your campus.

Setting Up

Above all else, the first thing you'll want to focus on for your Rock Stars and Groupies bash is the alcohol. When the stars and their followers get together, the times tend to get wild ' so your college iteration of the Rock Star life shouldn't be any different. Focus on beers of all types and throw in the occasional cocktail or hard liquor. For the Rock Stars, stick to drinks like vodka, classic beers, and, martinis, and whiskey; the Groupies may look for something a little lighter or fruitier, so invest in a few cocktails like the trust cosmopolitan.

This party is going to be fueled by the music, so be sure to have on hand a sturdy collection of '70s, '80s, and '90s rock music. Think classical rock bands like Poison, White Snake, ACDC, and Guns 'n Roses to start and the rest of the playlist will come to you pretty easily.

In terms of setting up, you're pretty much there. Ambitious individuals may want to invest in some oversized bean bags for a little Rock Star on Groupie action. Strobe lights help to set the rock 'n roll atmosphere, but overdo it to much and it'll start to look more like a rave than a rock bash.

What to Wear?

Dressing like a Rock Star can be the easiest or the hardest selection of attire you've ever had to deal with. Guys and gals can tone it down with a simple T-Shirt of their favorite rock band, but it really would be cheating. Those that want to do it right will be looking at procuring items such as wigs, tight leather pants, costume jewelry, several bottles of hairspray, eye shadow, and some form of loud, obnoxious silk shirt. Other items can include:

  • Blow-up Party Guitar
  • Wireless Microphone
  • Real Guitar
  • Flashy Make-up

A Groupie is not too far off from the Rock Star themselves; and if several Groupies can coordinate with a Rock Star, preparation will take little more than simply mimicking what the star is showing up in. Make up a few faux backstage passes and you'll be on your way to looking like an uber-fan in not time.

Ambitious individuals can take both looks and make them tragic. Want to portray a burnt out star? Apply a few make-up techniques to speed up the aging process and keep a bottle of vodka at your disposal at all times. Going for that over-aged Groupie look? Invest in a gray wig and stuff some toilet paper clumps in places that are bound to sag over time.

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