Marijuana Soft Drinks

By: The Party Guru

Soft drinks sure have changed over the years. They started out as an herbal remedy and then became a nice refreshment for all ages. Recently with Four Loco they were even a way to get drunk and loaded up on caffeine. It looks like cycle has gone full circle with new medicinal marijuana soft drinks coming soon to California.

Clay Butler an entrepreneur from California has a brand new idea for a soft drink laced with THC. THC is the active ingredient in marijuana. This drink will be sold as a medicinal prescription for medical marijuana patients. Butler even plans on introducing his “soda pot” drinks to stores all across Colorado in the future.

The THC-laced drinks will come in five different flavors: Grape Ape, Doc WEED, Orange Kush, Canna Cola, and Sour Diesel which has a sort of lemon-lime taste to it. The new line of drinks is definitely going to be unique as nobody has ever really seen anything like them before.

Butler says he has never used drugs in his life or smoked marijuana, but was still able to come up with all of the different names for his new pot drinks. He also told a Santa Cruz newspaper that he strongly believes that people should legally be able to drink, smoke, or eat whatever they want without fear of punishment. We definitely agree with that! Party on and maybe in a future you can start your night with one of these new drinks. We sure wish we could have one of these drinks before we go partying next weekend.


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